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2-day bundle


Build Your Why Stack

1-Day Workshop

The is workshop, is designed to identify and articulate core beliefs, by creating clarity, defining purpose and forming a unified culture.

Main Takeaways:

  • Build your individual WHY Stack (why,how,what)
  • Create team understanding based on individual talents and strengths
  • Foster a united and empowered team through this understanding
  • Inspire the team to work for a cause they all believe in

During the course of the day, we guide your team to discover and build their personal Why Stack, then transition to develop the team’s Why Stack, to see how they impact  team productivity on a daily basis.

As a result of the workshop, individuals now know how they can fully contribute to their team’s success. Teamwork becomes optimized, as both leader and team members know what they are responsible for and why.

Express Your Why Stack

1-Day Workshop

Once your WHY Stack is built, the next step is to express and communicate out to attract loyal customers who believe in what you believe, and experience how you will deliver on your promise.

In this workshop, teams work together to create messaging that brings the Why, How and What of your organization to life in a clear, powerful and concise way.

Main Takeaways:

  • Uncover authentic and real messaging that resonates with your ideal customer
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors by communicating what you stand for
  • Connect with your ideal client to offer products or services in a way that helps eliminate price comparisons
  • Create loyal advocates who will return as customers and refer others

As a result of this workshop, team members are able to fully articulate the “why” behind the organization, in their new role as brand ambassadors for the company.

Combined Why Stack and Strengths Finder

1-Day Workshop

This one of a kind workshop focuses on combining the Why Stack of each team member with their Top 5 Talent Themes from CliftonStrengths Assessment.

We believe that the How in our WHY stack hosts our talents and our strengths, it’s how we express ourselves as individuals.  This workshop is designed to map out a personal message that resonates deeper, giving us that “aha moment! “. It inspires from within, and demonstrates the value we bring through applying our talents to the work we do.

This workshop is most impactful as a 3-4 month follow up after the WHY Stack workshop and requires all participants taking CliftonStrengths Assessment  in advance. 

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